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Glossary / Acronyms

ATCANZ           Air Training Corps Association of New Zealand

NZDF                New Zealand Defence Force

RNZAF              Royal New Zealand Air Force

NZCF                New Zealand Cadet Forces

ATC                   Air Training Corps - Air Cadets

SCC                   Sea Cadet Corps - Navy Cadets

NZCC                New Zealand Cadet Corps - Army Cadets

RF                      Regular Force Members of the NZDF, not NZCF


NCO                 Non-Commissioned Officer

COMDT            Commandant NZCF – Senior RF Officer

ACOMDT         Asistant Commandant NZCF – Senior NZCF Officer

A/COMDT        Acting Commandant NZCF – RF Officer position as

                          may be required.

AC                     Area Coordinator - RF Junior Officer or Warrant


HQNZCF          Headquarters NZCF

CFTSU              Cadet Forces Training & Support Unit

NACFTSU        Northern Area Cadet Forces Training & Support Unit

CACFTSU        Central Area Cadet Forces Training & Support Unit

SACFTSU         Southern Area Cadet Forces Training & Support Unit

CUCDR            Cadet Unit Commander

OFFCDT          Officer Cadet – NZCF Officer under training

AGM                Annual General Meeting

CFOs               Cadet Force Orders

OIC                  Officer In Charge

FAQ                 Frequently Asked Questions

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