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When is the start of Cadets at 5 Squadron (Rodney District)?

Cadet nights will start at 7-Feb-2024 (Wed) at 6:30pm at the North Shore Aero Club on 300 Postman Road, Diary Flat

My child is interested in Air Cadets - how can my child join?


My cadet is interested in returning this year?

If your cadet was part of 5 Squadron last year, the team will be calling last year's parents/cadet on 27-28 Jan 2024 weekend to determine their intentions of returning. If you were not contacted on the weekend noted earlier - then contact:

What if my cadet is sick or is unable to make it to parade night?

The cadet must register their "leave" via the Squadron Intranet Sharepoint site (Cadet Area button above) that they are unable to attend prior to the start of the parade. See:, login as the cadet and then find the line "Parade Night Absence".

What are the typical steps that happen to sign up for an activity?

For each activity, the cadet must sign up in advance on Cadetnet - typically 4-6 weeks prior to the event. The parent or guardian will then receive a request to "Approve" the activity. Typically 2-3 weeks prior to an event, an email will be sent to the cadet and parent/guardian including a briefing sheet. The briefing sheet contains vital information on what, when, where, who, and other details. The briefing sheets are generally uploaded to this website - see below for the button link.

Who can I contact about questions for an activity such as a Tramp or volunteering at a Marathon?

For each activity, the briefing sheet contains vital information on what, when, where, who, and other details to help prepare for the activity. In addition, the briefing sheet will contain the OIC (Officer In Charge) contact details for the particular activity.

Will the weather affect the activity?

If the activity is weather dependent and the weather forecast is unfavourable, the OIC (Officer In Charge) will make a call on whether to continue or cancel the activity and let the parents / guardian know by email the night before.

Cadet Transportation?

Many cadet activities are located around the Auckland area - and cadets will need transportation to / from the activity. For some activities, the 5 Squadron van may be used - and has room for the driver and 8 passengers. In addition, parents from similar areas can work together to car pool the cadets ​to either Wednesday night parade or the various activities. We encourage parents to use Team Reach to find other parents in near by areas who want to car pool.

How do I pay? What is the Cadet bank account information?

All payments made for cadet yearly membership or activity fees are to be paid to the following account.

   ASB Account: 12-3046-0304572-00

   Particulars:      Extra note

   Code:              Activity

   Reference:      Cadet First Initial Last Name


    Particulars:  Fees

    Code:          B1 Camp
    Reference:  DKruger

My child's uniform does not fit. What do I do?

The cadet should come to the 5 Squadron Uniform Stores and bring the cleaned item and exchange with a suitable item.

My child lost interest in Air Cadets - what is required?

The cadet must return the clean uniform(s), hat, belt, boots, etc. back to 5 Squadron unit (300 Postman Road, Dairy Flat) on Wednesday night at 7pm as these were provided to the cadet as a loan during their time with cadets. In addition, the booklet 3822 must be signed off.

My cadet cannot login to cadetnet?

If the cadet enters the password incorrectly too many times, the cadet will be locked out for 24 hours from that IP address. If the cadet forgets their password, they can reset their password via cadetnet.

What if I have other questions?

Please raise your questions to Doug Kruger at

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